Puppies with their New Families

McKenzi has had Dublin picked up since she was 2 days old and today she finally gets to take her home to AR.       2-26-16
Goose AKA Teddy made it home to Georgia!
Tucker is in puppy heaven with these two sweet girls to love on!
August went to live with Joe and Alexis in Kansas City, MO.   8-5-16
Sammie went to live with Susan in Little Rock, AR. 8-6-16
Molly went to live with the Arthurs in Springfield, MO 8-6-16
Lexi went to live with Kortney in Washington, MO  8-8-16
Stella went to live with Nichole in El Edurado Springs, MO 8-9-16
Bella went to live with Paul and Kat in Parsons, KS 8-15-16
Samson made it home to New York with the Arps on 8-24-16
Cali went to Lee's Summit, MO with Jeremy and Amanda on 8-27-16
Yogi went to live with the Goodalls in Carl Junction, MO on 8-27-16
Scout went to Arkansas with the Babcock family on 8-27-16
Remington will be stationed in Colorado with Alex 9-1-16
Cooper AKA Russell with his new mama Rhonda in Arkansas 9-9-16
Huxley went home to his new mama Lori in Florida
Daisy is staying in Missouri with her new mama Dawn. 2-22-17
Stella AKA Pearl with her new family in Hallsville, MO 9-10-16
Angus went home with Jerry & Margie to St. Louis, MO 2-17-17
Annie is staying in Missouri with the Mitchell family. 2-28-17
Tahoe AKA Ryder made it home to the Ashtons in Connecticut. 3-4-17
Chip made  it to Jaime and Josh in California where he will work at the dentist office. 3-4-17
Ellie AKA Candy made it home to Andrea & Brian in California. 3-4-17
Marley AKA Oreo went home to live with Tim & Cheryl here in Missouri. 3-4-17
Charlie went home to live with Erin and her roommates in Kansas. 3-11-17
Bear AKA Archie made it home to live with Megan in Maine. 3-11-17
Oliver went home with Tina to Arkansas.
Simon went home with Amber and stayed here in Missouri. 3-11-17
Ruby is staying here in Missouri with Liz and Addyson. 3-11-17
Nellie went home to live with Nickie and her son in Missouri. 3-11-17
Poppy AKA Sadie went home to live with Kaylynn in Missouri.
Rex went home with Kristy to Mississippi.
Russ went home with Spencer & Amber to KC, MO. 3-19-17
Arlo went home with Alan & Jennifer to KC, MO. 3-19-17
Karen went home to live with Patrick & Cher in Oklahoma. 3-19-17
Izzy went home with the DeLancey family back to Arkansas.
Max went home to live with Pat & Marie in Missouri. 3-20-17
Marley went home to live with Kayla & David in Missouri. 3-20-17
Ruby went home to live with Erica in Missouri. 3-21-17
Samson AKA Apollo went home to live with the Warwicks in Colorado. 3-24-17
Rue went home to live with Kendal in Oklahoma. 3-22-17
Finley is flying home with Lauren to Texas.
Picassco is going home with Melvin to Mississippi. 3-24-17
Freya went home with the Law Family in  Kansas. 3-24-17
Foster went home to live with Haley & Samuel in Michigan. 
Ruby went home to live with Sarah, Jack & Cora in Arkansas. 3-25-17
Brady went home to live with Whitney in California. 3-27-17
Russ enjoying his new family. April 2017
Foster loving his new family. April 2017
Clark went home with the Karas Family to Nebraska.   8-4-17
Phillip went home with the Hawkins Family to Arkansas.   8-4-17
Talley went home with Renee to Chicago.           8-4-17
Rusty went home with Coy & Cheryl in Missouri.   8-4-17
River went home with the Burns Family to Arkansas.   8-4-17
Jinger went home with the Igo Family in Missouri.   8-14-17
Marshall went home with the Hawkins Family to Arkansas.
Ollie went home with the Schwartz Family to Florida!   8-14-17
Remy went home with Zac & Kailie in Missouri.   8-14-17
Tango & Sadie went home with the Cook Family in Missouri.
Toby went home with Jerry & Riteann in Missouri.   8-14-17
Brody went home with the Hollingsworth Family to Arkansas. 
Griff went home with Tyler & Kortlynn in Missouri.   8-16-17
Georgia made it home to her mama Kristina in New York.     8-22-17
Scout made it home to the Moody Family in Maine.   8-19-17
Marley went home with the Swenson Family in Arkansas. 9-2-17 
Aria made it home to Samantha & Hailie in Massachusetts. 8-18-17
Nova made it home to the McKenchie Family in California. 9-19-17
Kodiac made it home to Kim & Denise in California.   8-18-17
Graci went home with the O'Keefe Family in Oklahoma. 9-3-17
Tucker went home with Cody & Lindsey in Missouri. 9-30-17
Poppy went home with Deb to Oklahoma.
Hudson made it home to Lori in Florida.
Rosie went home with the Chisholm Family in Missouri. 9-30-17
Albus made it home to the Hudson Family in Kansas. 10-1-17
Bella went home with Allison in Missouri.
Rusty went home with Julie in Missouri. 
Boston made it home to the Batchelor Family in Missouri. 10-2-17
Ace made it home to Brandon & Tori in California. 10-7-17
Wrigley went home with the Simmer Family in Missouri. 10-8-17
Elaine went home with Cher to Oklahoma. 
Lilah went home with Audrey to Texas. 
Belle went home with Melody in Missouri.
Bridget went home with Katie in Missouri. 
Ollie went home with Maddison to Oklahoma. 10-12-17
Sophie Mae went home with Angela to Texas. 
Macy went home with Brian & Michelle in Missouri. 10-14-17
Axon made it home to Rebecca in Missouri. 
Stella went home with Jackie in Missouri. 
Ollie went home with Adision & Quincey in Missouri. 10-15-17
Opie went home with Darby & Brandon to Ohio. 10-17-17
Duke made it home to the Swafford Family in Missouri. 10-19-17
LuLu went home with the Kelley Family to Arkansas. 10-23-17
Garth went home with Kayla in Missouri. 
Baker made it home to Staci in Oklahoma. 
Ollie went home with Allison in Missouri. 
Margo went home with Cher to Oklahoma. 
Harvey went home with Mackenzie to Nebraska.
Lola went home with the Blackburn Family in Missouri. 2-9-18
Molly went home with Caroline & Derrick to Kansas. 2-9-18
Boomer went home with the Burtrum Family to Arkansas.
Sadie Mae went home with the Smith Family to Kentucky. 2-10-18
Gio went home with the Zachman Family to Minnesota. 2-10-18
Boomer went home with the Burtrum Family to Arkansas.
Tanya went home with Laura to Oklahoma. 
Whitley Lu went home with Timothy in Missouri. 3-29-18
Ellie Mae went home with Katie DuPatz in Missouri. 3-29-18
Snickers went home with the Harding Family in Missouri. 3-30-18
Lovie went home with the Smith Family to Kansas. 3-31-18
Auggie went home with the Simpson Family in Missouri. 3-31-18
Darby went home with Cassie to Arkansas.      4-5-18
Zoey went home with the Harris Family to Arkansas. 4-5-18
Evie went home with Shelby in Missouri.      4-5-18
Frank went home with Jerry & Donna to Arkansas. 4-5-18
Jax went home with Allison to Arkansas.     4-5-18
Yogi made it home to Ally in New York. 
Boomer went home with Jennifer in Missouri. 4-6-18
Emma went home with Lexie and Ellie to Oklahoma. 4-6-18
Georgia went home with Marcia to Arkansas. 4-6-18
Darby went home with Cassie to Arkansas.      4-5-18
Opie made it home to Allison in New Jersey. 
Sadie went home with the Johnson Family in Missouri. 4-6-18
Tucker went home with the Fulcher Family to Oklahoma. 4-6-18
Willa went home with the Martinez Family in Missouri. 4-7-18
Evie went home with Emery to Arkansas. 
Beau went home with Jeff & Lauren in Missouri. 4-7-18
Opie went home with Zac & Kelsey to Oklahoma. 4-7-18
Phog went home with Dries Family to Kansas. 4-8-18
Bailee went home with Jenna to Arkansas. 
Charlie went home with the Schluckebier Family to Nebraska. 4-9-18
Marley made it home to the Glymin Family in Colorado. 4-9-18
Millie went home with the Haynes Family in Missouri. 4-9-18
Summit went home with Katelyn to Kentucky. 4-9-18
Ollie went home with Heather to California. 
Cooper made it home to Melinda in Connecticut. 4-10-18
Phoebe made it to the Robinson Family in Louisana. 4-11-18
Martha made it home to the Penland Family in Texas. 4-13-18
Benny went home with Morgan to South Dakota. 4-14-18
Jax went home with Nicole to California. 
Sadie went home with Jeff & Lisa in Missouri. 
Zoe went home with David to Canada. 
Cali went home with Morgan to Oklahoma. 
Mickey went home with the Ahrens Family to Illinois. 6-4-18
Myles went home with the Tuit Family to Michigan. 6-4-18
Polo went home with Cassie to Arkansas. 
Quincy went home with Kristin to Canada.