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Goldendoodle Puppies in Southwest, Missouri

​Last updated: 2-14-19

Current Puppies & Waiting Lists

Molly & Tyson's Babies 

Molly & Tyson are due February 26th. We will know if there is any puppies available from this litter once they get here. We are expecting golden, apricot, and red puppies. 

Pick Date- 
Balance Due- 
Go Home Date-

male 1- 
male 2- 
male 3- 
male 4- 
female 1- 
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Master Waiting List

IMPORTANT CHANGES: I cannot guarantee exactly when litters will be due until after they are bred. I try my best to estimate, but by placing a deposit you are committing to waiting until puppies are available or forfeiting your deposit. I will try my best to estimate puppy arrivals and litter sizes, but please know these are just estimations... nature has a way of taking us by surprise. 

To reserve from a litter that has been confirmed or on that is already born, a completed puppy application starts the process. Once the application is approved, a $300 deposit will hold your place on the waiting list. People will pick in the order deposits are received. Puppies will be picked at 4 weeks of age and the balance will be due at that time. All solid colored mini size (25-40 lbs.), male or female, will be $1550. Merles or Partis will be $1850. You can be added to the waiting list with a $300 non-refundable deposit, which will be deducted from the total cost of the puppy. All puppies sold to Missouri residents will be charged 5.725% sales tax.

All our puppies are UABR registered and will be up-to-date on all their shots and dewormings. They will be well socalized with children, cats, and other dogs. All our puppies are micro-chipped and started on NuVet supplements at 6 weeks of age. Puppies are fed Nutri-Source Starter and wet food around 4 weeks. They are transitioned to Nutri-Source Small Medium Breed Puppy between 5-6 weeks. Puppies are puppy checked at 6 weeks of age. Puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age. Flight nanny shipping- hand deliver is $500 and cargo air shipping is available on Fridays for $350-400 (puppy comes with a travel crate). 

We are taking deposits on our upcoming summer/fall litters now. Planned breedings:

-Molly & Tyson- Due to have February 26th, 2019 (golden, apricot, red- repeat breeding)

-Ruby & Rusty- Due to have puppies between June-July 2019 (apricot, red- first pairing)

-Rylee & Nash?- Due to have puppies between June-July 2019 (chocolate, apricot, golden? first pairing)

-Bella & Tyson- Due to have puppies between August-October 2019 (golden, apricot, red- repeat breeding)

2019 Puppy Waiting Lists

Breeder reserves the right to first 2 picks from every litter
1. Breeder
2. Breeder 
3. Anita Long- male
4. Katie Fritsche- puppy
5. Barbara Naples- male-female 
6. Katrina & Ryan- male (Molly- spring)
7. Sanya Orr- male-female (Molly)
8. Lindsey & Greg- female
9. Mataya & Aaron- puppy (Rylee-fall)
10. Kamille Schultz- female (Molly)
11. Justin & Kelly- female- F1 
12. Ryan Albright- male 
13. Hillary Lawless- female (Bella)

Ruby & Tyson's Past Puppies






All of the above pictures are F1b Minis from Ruby and Tyson's last litter. They are 6 months and ranging from 15-32 lbs. To see more picures please visit our gallery. 

Rylee & Tyson's Past Puppies



Phillip (left)


Talley (left)

All of the above pictures are F1b Minis from Rylee and Tyson's last litter. They are 6 months and ranging from 25-35 lbs. To see more pictures please visit our gallery.